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We are a furniture manufacturer.



We can equip your shops, hotels, restaurants, offices and modern open space and coworking spaces with furniture. We implement your individual ideas.

Technical equipment makes us able to do almost anything. Conceptually, market trends lead us towards modern forms.

Modern commercial and service surfaces are characterized by a high level of design. Customers like to surround themselves with a well-arranged space, both aesthetically and functionally. Investors are changing space, while gaining significant improvements in sales.

The furniture of our production follows the trends of the requirements of interior architects and the suggestions of commercial and service networks

Most of our production is projects implemented in accordance with our client’s guidelines and to dimention. The most important for us is a detailed measurement at the client’s or precise guidelines in technological projects that we receive from the client for implementation

You can count on our advice and suggestions in the field of aesthetics and functionality, modernity of materials and forms and current trends.

We participate in creating interiors that have a specific purpose: in the commercial and service industry, they help to sell and make decisions, in the hotel industry they encourage relaxation and rest, in the restaurant industry they encourage and stimulate food and conversation, and their functionality and comfort translates into the quality of work in offices. They are generally pleasant to spend time in depending on the needs of our customers, and therefore attract people and make them feel good there. We are aware that the interior of your business is very important to you.

High quality products; Professional carpentry: performed with modern machines, minimizing errors and inaccuracies; punctuality; the durability of the product; implementation of simple and complex projects.

We use high-quality materials, proven experience. We make furniture from various types of furniture boards: melamine, laminate, acrylic, varnish, veneer in combination with other elements such as glass, metal, mirror, wood and various types of composites.

We provide


Suggestions in terms of aesthetics and functionality, modern materials and forms as well as current trends.